energetische huidverzorging, massage & pedicure

Qi bodycare

Qi bodycare is specialized in energetic skin care, massage and pedicure. Phytobiodermie treatments are done according to the theories and methods based on Chinese medicine. Yin and Yang, Biorhythm, and the doctrine of five elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The skin is seen as a network of energy channels (meridians).
Skin problems are usually a sign of deeper causes or distortions in the energy flow. These faults are also visible in the reflex zones in the face. The starting point of the treatments is a natural way to restore the energy flow in the body. This will be done with Phyto5 energetic products. Used in conjunction with Chromatherapy (color therapy) and the lympho-energetic energy drainage in the meridians to create balance.
From this foundation it is possible to create a treatment that is geared entirely to you every time. You’ll get a different treatment in winter than in the spring. And someone with a biorhythm earth receives different treatment than someone with biorhythm water. In short, a unique vision of skincare. For more information about treatments/prices please feel free to CONTACT me.

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